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Husband, Father, Pastor, Realtor®, Musician, Friend…Follower of Jesus

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From time to time I have the privilege to teach at churches and events around Life, Leadership and Jesus. You’ll find my latest message here. If a message brings some amount of help, please let me know. 

Here are some recent posts to get you started.

Today is Thursday…you were made for more.

If we only do what we’re familiar with, we might miss what we’ve been made for. ~ Bob Goff In 1989, one of my favorite movies came out in the...

Be Intentional About Who You Spend Time With

I'm an introvert. I like quiet. I crave alone time. I get distracted and irritated by large crowds and noise. And you know what's totally crazy? ...

Loving What You Do Isn’t A Crime.

Let me ask you a question, and I really want you to be honest with yourself about the answer. Do you love what you do? That is, do you love your job or...


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