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Before this reading this book, I honestly had never heard of Johnnie Moore.  While I had never heard of the author, the title intrigued me.  We are living in a paradigm shift within the church.  A shift from talking about a squeaky clean, almost sterile God to an ever increasing realization that Jesus was messy.  Dirty.  Willing to challenge the status quo.

That’s where this book comes in.  I appreciate Johnnie’s perspective and take on Jesus.  That while he was and is perfect, he was willing to get his hands dirty.  Push back on the contemporary culture and faith community of the day.  Dirty God is about the need to have a proper perspective of who Jesus is and what he is calling the church to.  A life and community consumed by grace.  This isn’t grace +.  Grace + prayer.  Grace + service.  Grace + giving.  This is just grace thru faith (Ephesians 2:8).

As a pastor who is passionate in communicating Jesus’ message of Grace anyway I can, I appreciate Johnnie’s use of regular language.  We live in a day and age where the US is quickly moving to become pre-Christian in nature.  Meaning, that many if not most of our neighbors don’t have a common language when it comes to the things of Jesus and the church.  He acknowledges this and takes steps to be less “christiany” in tone.

If you want a book to give someone who doesn’t understand who Jesus is and what his message is about, this is one of the books I would highly recommend.