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God and Guinness. Passion! Dedication! Perseverance! Faith! Compassion! All of these words describing one the most influential men and families in Ireland and eventually the world. A man that saw a need in his city and county that turned into generations of family members dedicating their lives to the service of God and their fellow man! But here is a strange question: Is there anything in this world that would seem to be more distant than a book about God and Beer?

In the new book The Search For God And Guinness, by author Stephen Mansfield does just that. He guides us on a fantastic story chronicling the amazing journey of the Guinness family, the founders of Guinness beer. Rarely is a historical read so engaging and inspiring. The journey of the Guinness family is a remarkable path of trusting God enough to bring change to one country. As a lover of Guinness already, I was truly enamored by the tale of the Guinness’ and the tale of beer. I always assumed that beer had it’s origin in Europe at some point, but to learn that beer has been around for thousands of years is remarkable.

The most remarkable of the story was that beer was at the center of a story of faith. As a pastor of German/Austrian/Canadian descent, I have always believed that alcohol is not the evil that the church has challenged us to abstain from. But rather with moderation, alchohol is simply something to be enjoyed because God created it. The story of Guinness is a great proof of that belief. The amazing point of the book is not just the beer however, it is the fact that Arthur Guinness, his family or those working at Guinness saw a need in their homeland of Ireland and rose to the occasion time and time again to meet those needs.

If you want to grow in your knowledge of the origins of beer and be inspired by the power of vision, ingenuity and the love of your fellow man, then read The Search For God and Guinness, by Stephen Mansfield, you won’t be disappointed. As a Thomas Nelson book reviewer, I highly recommend this book. […]