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My name is Ken Elsner, and I’m excited that you’ve stumbled upon my blog.

I am a transplanted west coast Canadian living in the mountains just south west of Denver, Colorado. I’m married to Kristen and together we have 4 amazing kids, 8 chickens, 2 pygmy goats and 1 dog from Kosovo. 

Life has been an interesting ride up until now. From growing up in Canada and making a bunch of interesting and at times, destructive choices to finding out in my late teens that I was adopted or having a radical experience with Jesus just before I turned 19. 

The journey from that night in 1987, has seen me achieving a bachelors degree in religion, a Masters degree in Leadership. Traveling overseas over 18 times to work with leaders, pastors and kids.

I’ve led churches. I’ve started churches.

I’ve recorded 3 albums.

At 48, I got my Real Estate License.  

At 49, I rediscovered fly fishing.

At 50, I moved my family to 4 acres in the mountains and rediscovered Mountain Biking.

Through all of the years I have had one reoccurring belief.

We are meant for more!

So, join me on the journey of discovery, reflection and inspiration. 



Years in Leadership



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