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“What if money was no object?” has been a common question posed to me lately. Whether by my wife, friends or my coach. What would I do if money didn’t stand in the way? Honestly, I balk at the question all the time. I get uncomfortable. I get irritable too. Why? Why do I react negatively? What’s wrong with dreaming a little bit?

Absolutely nothing! It’s my wiring. I’ve struggled most of my life with setting goals and dreaming about them. Mostly, because I firmly believe that I will fail at them. That I will never see them fulfilled. Does any of this strike a chord? It’s a pretty silly way to think and to live. I mean, I had always wanted to get married and have a family. Guess what? I’m married to an amazing woman and have four incredible kids. Those were dreams and money wasn’t a factor.

So let me ask you. “What if money was no object, what would you do?” “What would you dream?” Kristen and I were flying home to Denver from Vancouver a few weeks ago and she started a written conversation with on the plane. We both were reading (I was trying hard to finish a book and was annoyed with her questions), but she wanted to chat too. It was all around this topic. At first I was annoyed. Ok, for the first 5 or 6 questions I was annoyed. But then I was able to be present as the question came. For almost 3 hours we did this. Read our books and answered questions by hand. The last question was all around my dreams. land-rover-defender-90-08Here are some of them:

  • Buy a Land Rover D90 and drive from the Cape of South Africa all the way to Cairo, Egypt.
  • Hike to Everest Base Camp
  • Live in London, England and Berlin, Germany
  • Get a Doctorate
  • Write a book
  • Record a live Worship Album
  • Buy a 40+ acre ranch in the mtns

Pretty big and lofty dreams right? That’s kind of the point. There was a video I watched this week with the narration by the famous philospher/poet Alan Watts. It was so good. Challenging. If you do anything today or this week besides reading this blog, I would encourage you watch. Especially because I’m embedding it!!